Our engineering team is very customer and product oriented with many years of experience with progressive dies, compound dies, draw dies, fixtures and guages. We produce the highest quality tool possible. Using the latest in design technology, we provide 100% detailed drawings that are ready for our machining and wire E.D.M. departments. As our detailed drawings help with the flow of work, we can bring our delivery time down. We are always here to help with all of our customers' special needs.

One important thing to know about tool and die designs including 2D and 3D CAD Softwares when that you need professional tool and die makers who will create your tools professionally. The tool and dies makers are capable of making stuffs such as jigs, dies, molds, machine tools, fixtures, cutting tools, gauges etc. Every tool are designed professionally using our 2D, 3D models including the die designs and needs the touch of a professional tool maker for the finishing in other to get a perfect work.